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The Winnipesaukee View, Issue #007
April 08, 2009

Welcome to the Winnipesaukee View. Where you can find information on Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding area. A newsletter with things to do, events, bits and pieces of information and more...

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April 2009 Newsletter Issue #007


What's Happening Around Lake Winnipesaukee?

A newsletter with things to do, events, bits and pieces of information and more...

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April 2009 Newsletter Issue #007

In this issue:

  • Accommodations and Restaurants
  • Cities and Towns
  • Ice Out

  • Boating

  • Activities to do around the region



Places to Stay and Eat

Spring is upon us with the feel of summer just around the corner.  We at the Lake Winnipesaukee Travel Guide have been working hard to bring you updated information.

Many visitors to the NH lakes region are looking for places to stay and to eat.  Over the winter, we have updated many of our accommodations and restaurants pages to include many more places to stay and eat.

Take a look and see what other places to stay have been added:

Bed & Breakfasts

Hotels, Inns and Resorts

Motels and Cottages


Whether you're just visiting or live locally, you'll appreciate the additional places to eat that have been added:

Fine Dining

Mid Priced Restaurants

Lower Priced Restaurants

Breakfast Places

Cities and Towns

Because the Lake Winnipesaukee area is so beautiful with many things to do, we did a little research about the surrounding towns.  You'll find a little information about each one and what activities you can do there.  Check out the Cities and Towns page with a link to each town.  If you think of additional tidbits that should be included, send me the information and I'll see if it fits in.

Ice Out

It's that time of year again.  People are trying to guess when 'ice out' will be.   Most of the time it's in April but occasionally ice out occurs in March and May.  We know it's not March, but it could be in May.  Last year, I thought it would be late because of the record breaking snowfall and it wasn't.  This year, I'm not guessing because it will probably fall into the average.  It has been very cold, so who knows.

Find out more about ice out by going to


  • Boat Safety Check

It's hard to put away the ski gear and get the boats and things out of moth balls, but it's time for warm weather activities.  Of course, you'll want to do a boat safety check.  The Lakes Region Sail and Power Squadron will be offering a free vessel safety check to boat owners in central New Hampshire.  For information, contact them at

  • Boating Education

Everyone must have a boating education certificate.  To sign up for a class, check out

Local Events


I've updated the list of spring and summer activities in  local events.  I'm sure you'll find plenty to do when the warm weather comes.

Of course, if you know of other activities I should add to the local events page, by all means, contact us and let me know.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions?

If anyone would like to read about a particular topic in a future Winnipesaukee View issue or would like information added to the Lake Winnipesaukee Travel Guide web site, use the Contact Us form and let me know what your interests are.

Happy Travels!


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