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The Winnipesaukee View, Issue #013
December 07, 2011

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December 2011 Newsletter Issue #013

In this issue:

  • Inexpensive Gift Giving

  • Christmas Activities

  • Winter Sports



It's time to get a handle on the holiday season this year.  Anticipation was building when we got the Halloween snowstorm.  Then it warmed up and everything melted.  Since then it has been a rollercoaster of a ride when it comes to the weather.  The economy has also set many people back on celebrations this year as well.  Even though it might not be the most extravagant of holidays this year, you can still make the best of it.


Inexpensive Gift Giving

Many people are strapped for cash and need to cut back.  Don't feel bad if you're one of them.  There are ways to give inexpensive gifts.

Try making a gift with things you have around the house.  You can bake some special cookies or breads, wrap them up and give them to friends and families.  If music is in your repertoire, try making a CD for others to enjoy.  Collections of photos over the year can be made into calendars or scrapbooks.  Knitting or crocheting hats, scarves and blankets is another gift giving idea.

For the crafty person, you can find some inexpensive items at a local consignment shop or a church bazaar.  Some of these items can be created into something else or embellished.  For instance, take an old picture frame and add a personal touch by adding seashells or flowers to a corner, paint it, use glitter, etc.  Take an old candle and make a design with glitter.

How about providing a service to someone?  Perhaps a gift of cleaning, raking, shoveling or mowing will come in handy to busy or older people.  Make a meal for someone.  You can plan to make it ahead of time and bring it by or arrange to cook the meal at their home.

Regifting is another option.  Look around for the gifts you have never used or never gave.  Someone else in you life might appreciate them more.

Making gift baskets will also work.  If there's someone that loves Italian food, you can pack up pasta, sauce, grated cheese and bread.  Other gift baskets could be for baking, wine and cheese and gardening.  If you want to add store bought items look in a consignment shop for them.  Sometimes you can find new items at a Goodwill or a the dollar store that will work perfectly.

The above are great ideas to get started with.  People will love to receive these gifts and you'll feel good about giving them.


Christmas Activities

Are you looking for things to help you get in the holiday spirit?  Check out my Christmas Events page to find all the holiday activities in the lakes region of New Hampshire.


Winter Sports

Since its a slow start to the season, its hard to think about winter activities.  Instead of sitting around inside, its time to think about getting up and enjoying the outdoors.  Enjoy the fresh air and experience the outdoor activities around the area. 

Are you into downhill skiing?  There are many mountains in New Hampshire to experience the thrill of skiing down a slope.  There is something for everyone at these mountains such as beginner packages, terrain parks and moguls. 

If cross-country skiing is your thing.  You can find some wonderful trails at places such as Gunstock.  You can also try creating your own trails at golf courses, in a field or on snowmobile tracks.  Wherever you ski, you'll get a great workout and feel energized.

Take a snowmobile ride across the lakes region.  There are trails galore.  When the lakes freeze over you can go across to some of the islands or just ride in the open space.  Instead of driving, try snowmobiling to popular local current events such as the ice fishing derby, sled dog races, winter carnivals, etc.

Ice skating is another sport to try.  You can either take organized lessons or skate at a rink for fun.  When the lakes and ponds freeze over, you can also skate on those.  Its a fun sport to try and the kids seem to love it.



Happy Holidays!


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