The Best Lake Winnipesaukee
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In New Hampshire

"A good book has no ending." ~ R.D. Cumming

New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee books

, videos, magazines and other resources for the lakes region and beyond.

In my travels, I've come across some terrific books, videos and magazines about Lake Winnipesaukee and all of New Hampshire that I would like to share with you. Many of them help make your vacation more fulfilling.

For those that want to know about the history of the New Hampshire lakes region, different places to go, guide books or just general information, these selections of Lake Winnipesaukee books might be what you're looking for when you travel to this area or if you are just looking for something to do.

Lake Winnipesaukee Books on Hiking, Walks and More

Best Hikes with Dogs: New Hampshire and Vermont

by Lisa Densmore

This book is for all those people who like to bring along their dog on hikes.

Lake Winnipesaukee Making of America

by Bruce Heald

For the history buffs, this book on Lake Winnipesaukee describes cultures from the past to modern day. You'll learn about the native Americans as well as the early American settlers and how it evolved into a budding tourist industry.

A Motorboater's Guide to Lake Winnipesaukee

by J.E. Clay

This is one of the best Lake Winnipesaukee books to tell you about exploring the area by boat. Both local people and tourists have found it to be helpful

Nature Walks in the New Hampshire Lakes Region

by Julia Olda and Steve Sherman

Nature Walks in the NH Lakes Region has a collection of over 50 different scenic walks to enjoy while on vacation.

New Hampshire Birds

by James Kavanagh

This introduction to New Hampshire birds is a must have for both beginners and experts. It highlights 150 species as well as a map to highlight the birds sanctuaries and natural surroundings.

Boats and Ports of Lake Winnipesaukee

by Bruce Heald

Bruce Heald created a photographic journey with memories of the past on Lake Winnipesaukee. You'll find a collection of historic images of watercraft to the lake itself.

Great Hikes in Central New Hampshire

by Leslie Schomaker

This book will describe many hikes to take in the central New Hampshire region. You can find short trips to all day excursions. Either way it's a great addition to your vacation library of books.

General NH Guidebooks in NH and NE

New Hampshire: an Explorer's Guide

by Christina Tree

If you're traveling throughout New Hampshire, this book is great to have along to help find the best restaurants, accommodations and fun happenings around the state.

Quiet Water Canoe and Kayak Guide

by John Hayes and Alex Wilson

This canoe and kayak guide explores the flatwater lakes of New Hampshire and Vermont. It includes 90 scenic destinations and explains the features, routes and highlights of each location. In addition, it explains safety tips, equipment choices and illustrates the wildlife you might find at each place.

Foghorn Outdoors NH Hiking: Day Hikes, Kid-Friendly Trails and Backpacking Treks

by Michael Lanza

This guide will help you find the best hiking trails throughout the state of New Hampshire. You will find updated trail maps, photographs and other information including directions and any fees, if applicable.

Mountain Biking New Hampshire's State Parks and Forests

by Linda Chestney

With the popularity of mountain biking, Linda Chestney, a long time bicyclist, felt the need for a guidebook on this activity. This guide provides rides, maps and easy to use information for all types of mountain bikers. You'll find these rides bring you to all parts of New Hampshire where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Foghorn Outdoors New England Camping

by Carol Cambo

This camping guide will help you find the best spots in all of New England. This book provides updated trail maps, photographs, facility information and more. It's a great way to stay when trying out some day trips or other adventures.

Lake Winnipesaukee Books on Skiing and Sailing

New Hampshire on Skis

by John B. Allen

New Hampshire on Skis documents the growth of the ski industry from the European beginnings to one of the most popular destinations in New England.

The Complete-Idiots-Guide to Boating and Sailing

by Frank Sargeant

This book shows you everything you need to know about boating and sailing. You'll find information on buying a boat, weather, safety, boat handling and personal watercrafts.

Videos and DVDs

Buy this video - New England Hear the gentle voice of water cascading down layered rock, where surrendered leaves swirl on the surface and are caught trembling on lips of glistening rock.

Buy this video - New Hampshire New Hampshire is what New England was or so say the local residents in this part of the country.

Destination Winnipesaukee

by Michael Comeau

This DVD is a travel video that explores all areas of Lake Winnipesaukee by boat. You'll learn about the towns surrounding the lake, restaurants, launching areas and more.

Magazines and Other Information

Weirs Beach - Where Lake Winnipesaukee begins

A great site to see old photos of Weirs Beach, plus information on everything to make your visit fun.

Subscribe to New Hampshire Magazine. It's a terrific opportunity to learn all about New Hampshire plus great places to eat and things to do.

The November 2007 issue describes what it's like to live and fish on Bear Island.

There are probably more Lake Winnipesaukee books available that are very helpful. I just like the above books a lot and feel they provide a good start to exploring this region of New Hampshire.

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