Things To Do Around
Lake Winnipesaukee

There are so many things to do while on your Lake Winnipesaukee vacation.  You will find many tourist attractions as well as places the locals visit to keep you busy for quite awhile.

There are so many attractions and things that you can do in the lakes region that you'll run out of time before you can do them all.

There are beaches, arts and crafts, night time music, arcades, plenty of ice cream shops...

...boat tours, zip lines, hiking trails, museums, shopping, the hobo railroad...

...wineries, swimming, golfing, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, sledding...

There are plenty of things to do during every season.  Many of the attractions have limited hours or are closed during the off-season...So, be sure to check with them if you're unsure.

When you want to try other fun activities a short drive from Lake Winnipesaukee, you can start with day trips in New Hampshire.

Here's my list of fun things to do around Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire:

  • Cruise the lake exploring the coves, sandbars, parts of Lake Winnipesaukee you haven't seen, going to the different town docks for lunch or dinner.

  • Try sailing the broads or between some of the islands. Feel the wind in your hair and relax without the worries of the real world.

  • Take a scenic, sunset or dinner cruise on the M/S Mount Washington.

  • Think about bicycling around the lake, or at least portions of it, and find all the awesome spots to have a picnic lunch.

Lake Winnipesaukee - Things To Do
  • Need a day away from the hustle and bustle?  Try hiking some New Hampshire trails and get some exercise.  There are so many trails to explore in the Lake Winnipesaukee area.

  • Go to the beach and catch some rays.  Lake Winnipesaukee has quite a few beaches you can pick from.

  • Catch an awesome fireworks show.

  • Learn about this New Hampshire area.  Read some Lake Winnipesaukee books.

  • Go shopping.  You can find just about anything for the shop-a-holics. There's the outlet mall in Tilton and little shops in all the towns.  You're sure to come home with some great treasures.

  • Have you tried your hand at bowling?  There are a couple of places to bowl.  Stix in Meredith and Funspot in the Weirs.

  • Make your own flotilla and enjoy the surroundings.

Lake Winnipesaukee - Flotilla
  • Go swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

  • Try your hand at poker.

  • If you're interested in car racing, see what the New Hampshire Motor Speedway has available.

  • Enjoy a game of golf at one of the many courses around Lake Winnipesaukee.

  • Give mini-golf a whirl.

  • Try fishing.  Get your gear and boat or rent and head out for some terrific fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing
  • Go to the water park and slither down the slides into a pool of water.

  • Get an ice cream cone at one of the popular New Hampshire ice cream shops.

  • Go horseback riding.

  • Try a few hours at the arcade.

  • Check out the farmer's market.

  • Charter a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee.

  • Take a plane ride around Lake Winnipesaukee.

I'll keep adding to this list of fun things to do, attractions, activities and day trips around Lake Winnipesaukee, so keep checking back.

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