New Hampshire Hiking Trails
Around Lake Winnipesaukee

New Hampshire Hiking Trails around Lake Winnipesaukee can make you feel invigorated and part of nature! These trails are sure to inspire the naturalist in everyone.....

Hiking is a great activity to do as a family or in larger groups or even go hiking with your dog.  

You feel like you're part of nature and it can feel like you've gone back in time because you have to walk rather than take a car. 

While hiking, you will hear the sounds of nature.  Birds are chirping and squirrels are scampering around.

If you're in an area with a stream, you can enjoy the water babbling over the rocks.  These areas usually make a nice resting spot to cool off.

That being said, I've compiled a list of hiking trips around Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire for those that want to add a more natural surrounding to their vacation.

 Mount Major - Alton Bay

Located on Route 11 in Alton Bay, New Hampshire, you'll find a parking lot to start your journey up the mountain.  It's a wide-open trail at the beginning with a steady climb. 

Soon, you come to the steeper terrain with ledges and obstacles.  At the top, there is a stone structure as well as little nooks and cranny's nearby.  The views are spectacular.

Mount Major Lake Winnipesaukee

Belknap Mountain - Gilford

Take 11A and turn on Belknap Mountain Road towards Gilford Village in New Hampshire.  Follow the road (takes a sharp left) until you see signs and parking. 

This is a good trail for beginners and still has fabulous views at the top.  This is one of our favorite New Hampshire Hiking Trails when you only have a few hours.

In addition, there are several more hiking trails in the Belknap Mountain Range. 

To get there, just before the end of Belknap Mountain Road, you take a left onto Carriage Road.  This leads to a parking area where you will find several different trails to hike.

View of Lake Winnipesaukee

The Different Lake Winnipesaukee Hiking Trails Are:

  • Belknap Carriage Road

  • Flintlock Trail
  • Blue Dot Trail
  • Green Trail
  • Red Trail
  • Piper Trail
  • Piper Cutoff

East Gilford Trail - Gilford

This is part of the New Hampshire Belknap Mountain Range but you reach it from a different area.  Take Route 11A and turn onto Bickford Road, then turn left onto Wood Road.  Parking is in this area.

New Hampshire Hiking Trails

Gunstock - Gilford

Gunstock Recreation Area in New Hampshire has a couple of trails.  You'll be able to get a map of them at the base lodge.

  • Try Me Trail starts from the parking lot and is good for beginners.
  • Ridge Trail  is a bit more challenging.  This trail starts at the Summit and follows the ridge southward.

Red Hill - Center Harbor

Take Route 25 to Center Harbor, New Hampshire.  In the center of town, take Bean Road for about two miles.  Turn right onto a dirt road and follow it to the base.

Mt. Kearsarge

Lakes Region Conservation Trust Hiking Trails

These New Hampshire hiking trails are protected and open to the public for hiking during the daylight hours only.  For more information and directions to these trails, call (603)279-3246.

  • Castle in the Clouds - Moultonborough
  • Red Hill - Moultonborough

  • Knights Pond - Alton
  • Stonedam Island on Lake Winnipesaukee - Meredith
  • Sewall Woods - Wolfeboro
  • Five Mile Island on Lake Winnipesaukee - Meredith

Other Conservation Trails a Short Distance From the Lake Winnipesaukee area:

  • Copple Crown Mountain - Brookfield
  • Roger W. Harris Natural Area on Lake Wicwas (access by canoe or kayak only) - Meredith
  • Oliver Butterworth Natural Area (access by canoe or kayak only) - Sandwich


Those are the good Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire hiking trails.  There are many more trails a short distance away from the lake and still more throughout New Hampshire.

You can find some great hiking books around Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire and throughout New England. 

You'll learn about the trails, hiking tips and other things to make your hiking experience a memorable one.

My top pick for a hiking book around Lake Winnipesaukee is Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide, 2nd: AMC Guide to Hiking Mt. Monadnock, Mt. Cardigan, and the Lakes Region (AMC Hiking Guide Series). 

It tells you about all the hikes in Southern New Hampshire including the lakes region and much more.

Trail Running

And don't forget, for all you high heartrate cardio nuts - try your hand (and your feet) at trail running most of the these hikes. Just be prepared!

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