Hiking With Your Dog On
New Hampshire Hiking Trails
Around Lake Winnipesaukee

Hiking with your dog on New Hampshire hiking trails in the Lake Winnipesaukee region is fun for both you and your dog.  The dogs get some good exercise and you have a companion if hiking alone.  There are many other hiking trails not far from Lake Winnipesaukee that your dog would also love.

That being said, you need to be aware that dogs are NOT allowed in New Hampshire state parks.  But, you can have a dog in the White mountain National Forest with either verbal or physical restraint at all times.  Also, be considerate of other hikers.  Always carry a leash six feet in length or shorter and please pick up after your dog.

Hiking with your dog can be fun, but remember, not everyone likes dogs.  Bringing the dog on New Hampshire hiking trails in the Lake Winnipesaukee area is fun and exciting for them, but there is a downside.  Dogs will chase other dogs, bark at wildlife, and defecate on the trail.  On the upside, dogs can be a faithful companion as well as a protector for those on the trail alone.

When you go hiking with your dog, you should follow these guidelines.

  • Choose a less visited hiking trail.

  • Keep your dog on the trail and don't let them chase the wildlife.

  • Keep your dog from barking and jumping on other people hiking.

  • If your dog defecates, clean it up by digging a hole and burying it away from the trail or water sources.

  • When your dog is thirsty, it's better to put water in a bowl for it to drink from, rather than drinking from a stream and scaring away wildlife.

  • Do not let your dog defecate near a stream.  Dogs can carry a virus that will contaminate the water.

  • Keep dog food in a sealed container.  It has an aroma just like human food which could draw wildlife.

  • Prevent your dog from barking.

  • Bring extra water for your dog, because many trails do not have streams.
  • Get a doggy pack so the dog can carry it's own supplies

  • When climbing rocks, remember a dog will need help getting up and down.  You may use a lot of your energy carrying or lifting the dog.

  • Do not leave a dog in the back of a truck unrestrained or in a parked car with the windows rolled up.  It's against the law.

Make sure you follow hiking tips and hiking safety precautions for yourself as well.  Both you and your dog want to have a fun hiking experience on New Hampshire Hiking Trails in the Lake Winnipesaukee area.



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