Lake Winnipesaukee Cams
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Lake Winnipesaukee cams are a cool way to see what's going on around this beautiful New Hampshire lake. I've never been interested in them until recently when I found out that they were like a window to the lake.

Web cams are set up all over the world!

You can check out the panda bears at the zoo (that was so cool!), what the weather is like at a particular ski slope, see how choppy the water is or just use it like a window to daydream.

Fortunately, Lake Winnipesaukee has some web cams set up in various locations. You can find them on different islands, the mainland, mountaintops and several cities around New Hampshire.

You can take a virtual tour of Lake Winnipesaukee before heading out to enjoy it.

Here are a few that you will enjoy:

Lake Winnipesaukee Cams

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