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The Winnipesaukee View, Issue #011
April 06, 2011

Welcome to the Winnipesaukee View. Where you can find information on Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding area. A newsletter with things to do, events, bits and pieces of information and more...

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April 2011 Newsletter Issue #011

In this issue:

  • Spring thinking

  • Local Business Listings

  • Master Angler Series

  • Get Ready for Summer


Is it Spring yet?


It's springtime in the New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee area.  Everyone is getting ready for warm weather.  But, where is it?  It's coming and before you know it, the temperatures will be warm again.  Over the last few years, we seem to go from cold right into very warm.  Maybe that will happen again.  I think everyone can't wait for those warm temperatures.


We're still waiting for ice out on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Last year, we had a very warm spring and the earliest ice out on record.  This year the lake is still covered in a thick layer of snow and ice.  In fact, some people were still snowmobiling on the lake last weekend.  The ice at the shoreline is pretty thin, but they're making it out there to ride.  I'm wondering if we'll have a record this year for the latest ice out.  We'll see.


Skiing at Gunstock ended this weekend.  We took advantage of the beautiful snow cover and skied both days as well as during the week.  It was the best conditions all year.  Of course, we still had to be dressed for the winter.  It's time for mother nature to warm us up.


Every April, we take our boat out for a shake down cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee.  My guess is, we're not doing that this April.  We still  have a foot of snow in our yard (that's where the boat is stored for the winter.)  But, we can keep our fingers crossed and hope mother nature brings us some warmth.


Local Business Listings


The New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee Travel Guide has added a local business listing section.  You can now list your business online with the New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee Travel Guide.  Each business that advertises on the web site will also be mentioned in the Winnipesaukee View newsletter.


Check out the local business listing section we have so far:


Do you need your computer repaired? 

Aztec North provides on-site computer repair and service, hardware, operating systems, remote maintenance, networking, network administration services, upgrades, PC support, virus repair, spyware removal, PC maintenance, troubleshooting, laptop repair and more.  For more information check out their web site at

Beautiful pencil sketches by a 15 year artist.

This artist creates custom pencil drawings of people, landscapes and more.  Check out samples of her work at:


Looking for babysitting?

Two lovely girls are available to babysit if you would like a night out or need a helping hand while on vacation.  If you live around here, they can help on a regular basis all year round.  For more information, go to



Need music for a special event?

Autumn Leaves is an easy listening jazz ensemble, playing standard jazz music and can add an elegant touch to events such as dinner and cocktail parties, social wedding receptions, summer gatherings, art shows, Christmas and retirement parties as well as other events.  For more information, go to




Master Angler Series


Learn some old secrets and tips from 15 master anglers around Lake Winnipesaukee.  You will read about their top fishing tips, favorite stories, opinions and what they would do if they were in charge of the fishing on the lake.  Plus, they all answer the time honored question of "Why do you fish?"


This is an enjoyable series to read and you can learn quite a few techniques to try for the coming fishing season.  To read about the Master Angler series, go to



Fun Summer Events


Now that spring has arrived, it's time to look forward to our vacations this summer.  There are so many things to do in the New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee area.  You'll find antique boats, craft shows, racing, music, old home days, fireworks and more.  Check out my local current events page for all the fun things to do during the warmer months.





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