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The Winnipesaukee View, Issue #012
September 22, 2011

Welcome to the Winnipesaukee View. Where you can find information on Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding area. A newsletter with things to do, events, bits and pieces of information and more...

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September 2011 Newsletter Issue #012

In this issue:

  • "Scary" events for Halloween

  • Local Wineries

  • It's Apple Picking Time

  • Christmas Events


Are you ready to be scared?


Halloween events and parties have become quite popular over the last several years.  When I was a kid we didn't have all these fun activities throughout the month of October.


Now, everyone seems to be into the Halloween spirit.  A variety of costumes are available for both kids and adults.  There are many costume parties, kids parties, scary hikes, corn mazes and more.  The lakes region isn't going to be left out of the festivities either. 


To get everyone into the spirit of this scary season, I've listed as many activities in the Lake Winnipesaukee area as I could find.  You can find them on my Halloween Events page.  You can also find a link to the Halloween Events page off of the Local Current Events page.  If anyone knows of other Halloween happenings I should add, just send me a note using my Contact page.


Wine From New Hampshire


When it's time to enjoy a nice glass of wine by the fire, you may want to try some of the home made wine that the local wineries and vineyards have to offer.  Just because we have a short growing season, doesn't mean we can't make wine in New Hampshire.  You can try homemade wine recipes in Lake Winnipesaukee area or check our wine recommendations for other wineries and vineyards throughout New Hampshire.


Apples, Pumpkins and More


It's apple picking time in New Hampshire.  There's nothing better than a fresh picked apple off the tree.  That tasty, crisp bite into the apple...  Kids will enjoy picking apples.  In fact, it's the easiest kind of picking to do with kids.  You can be in and out of the orchard in a short time and have a large bag of apples.  Or, you can take your time, socialize, eat an apple, check out cider making or take a hayride depending on which orchard you go to.


If it's pumpkins you're looking for, you can pick your own as well.  Or, you can enter a pumpkin carving contest at one of the fall festivals that you can find on my Halloween Events page.  Either way, you'll get a ghoulish gourd to decorate your home this fall season.


Season's Greetings


It's close to that time again.  The Christmas holiday season.  You're thinking of all the shopping, decorating, baking, etc.  Parents need to stop, take a breather and enjoy some festivities between everything else.  There are so many Christmas Events that you can pick and choose or try to see them all.  If you don't catch them all this year, then try the others next year.






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