Foggy Weather Skiing Tips
In The Lake Winnipesaukee Area
Of New Hampshire

A few years back, I skied in foggy weather.  It totally disorients you and its scary.  Even the easiest trails feel like black diamonds.  The obstacles you can't see, such as bumps, trees or other skiers are a hazard that can cause a collision.

Skiing in the fog is dangerous, but being careful can avoid injury.

Here are some tips for skiing in foggy weather conditions that you find in the Lake Winnipesaukee area of New Hampshire:

Keep your speed under control - This means slowing way down so you can avoid an unexpected obstacle.  If you're going too fast, you might not have enough time to avoid another skier, bump or tree.

Watch other skiers in front of you -  You still need to keep your eyes on the trail.  If you know where the other skiers are, you'll be able to keep a safe distance.  Also, you can watch how they deal with the terrain.  Whether it's icy or bumpy.  This prepares you for what's coming up.

Stay near your buddy - If it's foggy, then its easy to miss a turn or take a wrong trail.  Just in case, you are separated, you should have walkie-talkies, cell phones or plan to meet at a designated place.

Wear goggles - Goggles with a tint of yellow, orange or brown will allow you to distinguish more on the trail.

Use your poles - By using your poles to make turns, it will help you keep your balance plus feel for the New Hampshire terrain, whether its icy, bumpy or soft.

Ski on trails you are comfortable with - Remember its much more difficult to ski in the fog.  So, its best not to try new trails on that day.

Do not wander off marked trails - Skiing on closed trails should be avoided, but doubly so on foggy days.  You can become lost very easily.

Ski with extreme caution on moguls or glades - If you're not comfortable skiing on moguls or glades on sunny days, you don't want to try it on foggy days.  If you're experienced, then slow down, pay attention to the terrain and be very careful.

Ski near the side of the trail -Especially in heavy fog.  You'll have a guide point to follow to help you down the slope.

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