Get Married At Lake Winnipesaukee

Deciding to get married in the Lake Winnipesaukee area of New Hampshire is an easy decision to make.  The tough question is where you want it to take place. 

Many people have been taking vacations here for years and absolutely love everything about it. 

It's only natural to want to have your special day here as well.  But where? 

Should it be at a resort, a mountaintop, on a boat, someone's backyard, at the beach?

No matter where you choose, you'll be able to go hog wild or keep it plain and simple.  It's all up to you because you'll always remember your wedding day.

Many people are getting adventurous with their weddings these days.  The traditional church and indoor reception aren't enough for them.

Wedding Dance - Lake Winnipesaukee

If you feel the same way, then there are other venues to have your wedding.  You can tie the knot just about anywhere.  And, you most likely will be able to find someone to perform the ceremony at any of these venues.

Have you thought about ziplining as you tie the knot?  Perhaps mountain biking is more to your liking. 

Would you prefer to be married on the water?  You can try atop paddle boards, waterskis or tubing.  Or, you can rent the M/S Mount Washington or charter a smaller boat for that special day.

Since you can't predict the weather, just plan on your ideal location and have a backup in case of rain or snow.  Or, you can be daring and brave the elements.

Snow, you say?  Most weddings around Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire are in the warmer months.  You can still have some spectacular ceremonies during the winter. 

Wedding in the Snow - Lake Winnipesaukee

Have you thought about the top of a ski slope? A snowmobile gathering?  On the frozen lake (or at least near it)?  You can even do the zipline in the winter.  Or you can go the traditional route and have it indoors at a beautiful resort.

There are so many places, both out of the ordinary and traditional, to make your day special.  It's all up to your creativeness and whether you keep it low key or not.

I have found a few wonderful places for a wedding ceremony that you should check out when you plan to have your wedding in the Lake Winnipesaukee area of New Hampshire.

Double Wedding Rings

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