Mill Falls Inn and Spa

by Karen
(New Hampton, NH)

Several years ago, I won an overnight stay at Mill Falls Inn and Spa. This was before Church Landing was built. There were limited times that we could use it, so I asked my parents to come and watch the kids while we went on a Sunday and returned on Monday.

At first, I felt silly staying at a resort, when I live close by. My kids were young with my oldest just in kindergarten. I had even thought about giving the overnight stay package to a relative. But, I changed my mind and decided that both my husband and I needed mini getaway.

Since the girls were born, we hardly ever went out without them. Even our anniversary dinners always included them. I think we only went out, without kids, about two or three times in six years.

So, we packed our bags and headed out. Our room faced Meredith Bay at an angle. There was a cozy fireplace and a small balcony to sit out at. Since we went in the spring, the weather was a bit cool for lounging on the balcony and too warm to light a fire. Instead, we got our suits on and headed for the hot tub!

The warm water was very relaxing. Afterwards, we walked over to Giuseppe's and had dinner. We strolled around the grounds, watched the waterfall and had an enjoyable evening. The people were very friendly and wanted to make sure that we had everything we needed.

What's cool about Mill Falls is that there's a little marketplace next door. There are shops in this really old mill building and restaurants right there or just a short walk away. Plus, Lake Winnipesaukee is right across the street. It's the perfect place for a vacation getaway, in the middle of a quaint area and still close enough to the action.

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