Tubing On Lake Winnipesaukee

by Kelly
(Belmont, NH)

I love to tube on Lake Winnipesaukee because it's really fun to sit in a tube and be pulled really fast behind a boat. It's more fun when you go over big waves, because sometimes you fly right off the tube into the water. It's really entertaining for the people watching from the boat. But the good thing is it doesn't always hurt when you fall off.

My favorite tubing experience was when my cousin and I were on the tube together. The boat was going really fast and we went over a big wave. She tried to save herself from falling off, but all she ended up doing was pulling me off with her. We both did some type of back flip off the tube. It was a fun fall.

Personally, I think tubing with a friend is more fun because you can both have the challenge of staying on the tube and you can talk and scream, etc. Tubing is a fun activity for anyone at any age at any speed.

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