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Learn How Skiers Should Fall

The Winnipesaukee ski crash course is about how skiers should learn to fall while downhill skiing in New Hampshire.  Everyone has had the experience of falling while skiing.  Beginners more so than experienced skiers.  There is no sure fire way to fall gracefully.  People fall while skiing by catching an edge and others fall when they're standing still.  Let's face it, w hen you fall its quick and not much can be done about it.

In order to be safe when falling, here are some tips to help you out:

You Can't Fall Fashionably - In most falls, people are flailing about, skis in one direction, poles in another.  It never looks graceful.

Make Sure Your Bindings are Adjusted Properly - Always make sure your bindings are adjusted by a professional at the beginning of each season.  This will help prevent any broken legs.  Your body and ability level may change each year.  You may have grown, gained or lost weight or learned some new skills.  These could affect how the bindings release when you fall.

Sliding Down the Mountain - With the modern bindings, your skis generally don't slide too fast.  You may slide a bit further than your skis depending on what type of material your ski clothes are made of.

Falling to Stop Yourself - Usually when you fall to stop yourself from skiing, means you're on a trail that's too advanced for your abilities.  You need to get off that trail and stick to the ones your comfortable with.

Ski Trails That are at Your Level - One of the major tips from the Winnipesaukee ski crash course in New Hampshire is to stay on trails that are your skill level.  All ski trails are marked for their level of difficulty.  Don't let anyone talk you into going on more advanced trails that you're not ready for.

Drinking and Skiing DON'T Mix - Drinking impairs your coordination and ability to ski.  It creates a very dangerous situation, not only for yourself but for other skiers as well.


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