Lake Winnipesaukee Ski Guide...
Be a Courteous Skier
In New Hampshire

The Lake Winnipesaukee Ski Guide will help you become a courteous skier in New Hampshire.  When you ski on any mountain, you're bound to come across some rude skiers.  They could be cutting you off in line or racing by without any consideration of others.  You definitely do not want to be this way. 

Rude behavior and not being courteous can cause you to lose your lift ticket or season pass that day.  The mountain has every right to do this.  The following are the top ways to be a courteous skier in New Hampshire or any other place.

Stay off closed trails - Usually a trail is closed because its not safe to ski on no matter how much of an expert you are.  Sneaking onto these trails won't impress anyone.  It's not worth having your ticket pulled or worse, getting hurt.

Keep your speed under control - When you're on a crowded trail, its safer for everyone when you control your speed.  If you want to test how fast you can go, it might be best to try a race course or first thing in the morning before everyone shows up.  Skiing too fast can also increase your chances of getting a warning from ski patrol.  This is a very important point of the New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee Ski Guide.

Don't cut lines - Sometimes lift lines are really long and it seems you have to wait forever.  But cutting lines is rude.  Be patient.  Everyone else has to wait, so you can too.  Many lifts have designated lines for singles.  If you want to move along a little quicker, then go in the singles line.  You might not be with your friends, but you'll get on the lift quicker.

Ski trails that are your level - If you're a beginner, then don't try a more advanced trail that you're not ready for.  You'll end up either falling or getting in the way of the more experienced skier.  Likewise, if you're more advanced, keep your speed under control when on a beginner slope.

Plan ahead when you are meeting up with friends or family - Carry a cell phone or walkie-talkie in case you're delayed.  A lift can stop, there could be long lines, a fall could happen.  All of these can prevent you from meeting up.  With a cell phone or walkie-talkie, you could let someone know if you'll be late.

Don't be rude in a gondola - There can be quite a few people jammed into a small space.  Be polite, don't smoke and don't use foul language.  Its a short ride up and everyone would like an enjoyable experience.

Refresh your skills on basic skiing - If you're new or haven't skied in awhile, you should take a lesson to refresh your skills.  You'll have a more enjoyable day if you feel confident about your abilities.

Respect the beginner skiers - It can be scary for them to have a more advanced skier whiz by them.  Sometimes it could cause them to fall.  Another important point for the New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee Ski Guide is to give beginners extra room.

Stay out of the way of others taking lessons - Its common courtesy to not get in the way of those taking ski lessons.  You'll find instructors with groups of kids all the way to adults.  So give them room.

A skier in front of you has the right of way - If you're turning or trying to pass, you need to avoid the skier in front of you.  Remember, they can't see you coming up behind them.

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