Lake Winnipesaukee Skiing Tips
In New Hampshire

Winnipesaukee skiing tips to follow
when ski trails become crowded in New Hampshire

When the snow conditions are at their best, ski trails can become quite crowded.  It's hard to maneuver between the skiers, especially on narrow trails.  In order to ski safely and have a fun day in New Hampshire, you should follow these ski safety tips for crowded trails:Winnipesaukee Skiing Tips

Keep your speed under control at all times -  You must maintain control, especially on a crowded trail.  If you're going too fast, it's hard and dangerous to ski with a lot of other skiers on the trail.  When skiing at a slower pace, you will be able to ski around others that may cross in front of you or suddenly fall.

Don't stop unexpectedly in the middle of the trail -  This creates a hazard for other skiers as they suddenly have to go around you.  It's best to slow down and ski over to the side of the trail to stop.

Ski under control - Always ski under control.  Crowded trails are not the place to race buddies or look for jumps to 'catch air.'

If passing another skier, tell them what side you are passing them on -  Since skiers can't see behind them, it's safer to call out to them where you are as you start to pass them.  If you call out, "on your right," the skier you're overtaking will know.  This is important to avoid collisions.

Show other skiers respect -  Be respectful and courteous to other skiers.  Do not cut anyone off and give young kids as much room as possible as they are just learning.

If you fall, get up as fast as possible -  If you're not hurt, get up quickly and move over to the side of the trail to give yourself a breather before continuing.  This will help prevent a collision in the middle of the trail.

Winnipesaukee Skiing TipsRemember, when there's a fresh snowfall, a lot of people show up at ski resorts.  Some come very early, but the majority of skiers show up mid-morning.  The heaviest crowds seem to be from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.  By using common sense and following the above Winnipesaukee skiing tips, you'll have a much more enjoyable experience on the slopes of any New Hampshire mountain.

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